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The value of ongoing training for managing agents and trustees


In the sectional title industry, training sessions are occasionally held by representative bodies or professionals in the industry with the aim to inform and educate.

Knowledge is power

It is assumed that managing agents and their staff have been properly trained and that they are experts in their field; however, without ongoing training – on top of a solid base knowledge of the industry plus the relevant years of experience – managing agents and their staff may find themselves challenged beyond limits at times.

Naturally, training sessions are to the benefit of the attendees as well as the industry at large and for that reason, whenever the opportunity presents itself, managing agents and their staff should grasp the opportunity to learn. Even refresher training seminars or workshops will be valuable.

The reality is that managing agents have a lot on their plates and do not always have the time to attend training sessions. Despite that, it is important to prioritise training as it will not only expand the individual’s knowledge but it will also broaden their career horizons and give them the opportunity to ask questions to clarify issues that they may have been unsure about.

Who should attend training?

It is not only managing agents but also schemes executives such as trustees and HOA directors who should attend industry-focused training sessions. Unfortunately, there are many trustees with insufficient knowledge who should be attending training sessions and who do not. One should question whether the workshops are being held at suitable times, and if it is being held often enough to provide ample opportunity for everyone to attend. At the end of the day, well-informed trustees will make better decisions and that will benefit the scheme for years to come.

Trustees often rely heavily on managing agents which is just another reason why managing agents should take the lead in signing up for ongoing training. This does not absolve scheme executives from their responsibilities as they need to be aware of the risks when they do not perform their duties correctly. The only way to do this is via ongoing training.

Education and training are two of the key ingredients to contribute to the success of a community scheme.


Author: Gary Engelbrecht, MD of BCMTrac

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